Home Renovation Contractor in Kitsilano Vancouver

With years of experience serving homeowners, Beauhome is the leading contractor for home renovation in Kitsilano Vancouver. We have a great team of artisans, designers, and project managers ready to tackle your renovation projects.
We boast the experience and expertise to handle jobs of all scopes and scales while guaranteeing positive outcomes.
Your home should be a reflection of your dreams and lifestyle. Together, we will make that dream a reality, within your budget. We will work closely with you to transform your living space into a place you are proud to call home.
We take time to understand your project and make recommendations accordingly. Our team will handle every step of the project from design to acquiring permits from the relevant authorities.
You can relax with the knowledge that your renovation project is in expert hands.
Let’s connect today as we bring your idea to life.

Home Renovation Contractors Kitsilano Design and Renovation Process

The team at Beauhome is 100% dedicated to providing you with a world-class home renovation experience. We collaborate with you from the first consultative meeting and through each step of the process. The following is what happens when you contact the best home renovation company Kitsilano:


Once you contact us, we set up a meeting where we get to know you more and understand your project. Our staff also go through the entire design and renovation process, noting your concerns and answering your questions.
At this stage, we also discuss your budget and expectations to ensure we are all singing from the same hymn book. Our team will provide you with an accurate budget estimate and ensure you understand everything. All the clients we have worked with love this approach. It is what makes us the best renovation contractor in Kitsilano Vancouver.

The Pre-renovation Phase

Once we understand your vision, expectations, and budget, our engagement proceeds to the next stage. This is where we team you up with our designers who work closely with you to come up with a design befitting your beloved home.
We are passionate about ensuring that your home’s design requirements are met. We will listen to you, fully understand your needs, and create a design that matches your budget and lifestyle.
It is also at this stage that we expedite permit applications with the relevant government bodies. Our vast experience dealing with local municipalities means we understand their bylaws which will help make the permit application smooth.
You no longer have to worry about looking for renovation contractors near me. We are more than ready to do the heavy lifting for you as you concentrate on providing your family with a fully renovated home.


At this stage, we turn your idea and vision into life. With a team of the best artisans, designers, and carpenters, Beauhome will dedicate all resources to ensure we fulfill your dreams, satisfy your expectations, and stretch your dollar without compromising quality.
We keep our lines of communication open ready to answer all your questions and concerns regarding the process. We will do our level best to make the renovation process as quick as possible to minimize any inconvenience.
By the end of the process, you will have a fully renovated home that perfectly meets your needs and satisfies your dreams. If you are looking for the best house renovation contractor in Kitsilano Vancouver, your search has come to a fruitful end. We are honored to be at your service.

Post renovation Phase

Our collaboration with you doesn’t end once we finish the renovation project. We believe that each one of our clients joins our tight-knit family and are dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships with each one of them. Subsequently, we will keep in communication with you.
The ultimate home renovation contractor in Kitsilano Vancouver will always give you a listening ear whether answering your questions or chatting about [potential] future projects.

#1 Renovation Company in Kitsilano: Our Philosophy

With a reputation for creating stunning designs and expertly bringing concepts to life, we are well equipped to handle all aspects of the design and renovation process.
We have perfected our craft over the years and keep on delivering outstanding results for our beloved clients in Kitsilano, Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and the greater British Columbia area.
You can rely on us to create a custom project that perfectly matches your aspirations. Every project brings with it a set of unique challenges that everyone at Beauhome is dedicated to overcoming. That’s how we have forged a reputation as the best contractor for home renovation in Kitsilano Vancouver. We are fiercely committed to defending and enhancing that reputation.
Our philosophy revolves around:


Unlike other home remodeling contractors in Kitsilano Vancouver, we listen to you, who you are, your dreams, aspirations, and what you love, and draw upon all these to create a custom renovation project for you. We strive to form a deep understanding with you and work together to bring a unique project.


We only work with the best in class. All our artisans, craftspeople, and tradesmen are the best qualified in their fields. We have spent long years assembling a hugely competent team that we have 100% confidence in, knowing they uphold our highest standards.


We take pride in completing any project we undertake, regardless of its scale. We understand you have an emotional attachment to your home and put our best foot forward to give you a project you will be proud of. Working with us is staking on the winning team.
Ready to kick start your project? We are just but a phone call away!

Large Home Remodeler in Kitsilano Vancouver

A large renovation project comes with plenty of challenges that even the most prepared homeowner is simply not equipped to handle. That’s where Beauhome comes in to take the pressure off you. With our raft of services, we do the heavy lifting for you, handling every step of the project until we hand over your newly revitalized abode.
From the drafting table to the final stages, our friendly teams will handle you with professionalism and ensure your project is delivered on time and within your budget.
Working with us gives you access to unrivaled expertise and advice befitting our reputation as the ultimate local remodeling contractors in Kitsilano Vancouver. All our services are geared towards taking care of your needs and dreams to turn them into an exciting reality.
If it’s necessary, we do things the hard way in our quest to help you achieve your dreams. We never cut corners. We fully trust our staff of craftsmen to do the job right all the time because we have thoroughly vetted them to make sure they share our mission and values. Doing things well is our only way.

Our Promise to You

No matter the size of your project, we will give you expert and prompt advice to help you navigate the challenges of renovations and full consultation services with our team of brilliant staff. We also offer you transparent budgeting procedures while guaranteeing a quality project that suits your budget.
Contact the best home renovation contractor in Kitsilano Vancouver today and let’s create magic together. We will make it worth your while!


What Customers Say About Us

We contracted Beau Home Renovation to do a complete gut and renovation of our 2000 square foot apartment on West Georgia Street. We had hired an interior designer to do plans to convert our unit from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms as well as relocate the Master Bedroom and open up the kitchen. Beau Home Construction did an exceptional job. They were honest and dedicated craftsmen who took pride in their work. Further, they focused on creative solutions when issues presented themselves. They were always ready to help with finding the best solution and prices for other items when we asked such as flooring, tiles, countertops, blinds and so on. I would not hesitate to recommend Beau Home for your renovation needs. If I were to raise any issues, they were sometimes overly optimistic with their completion timeframes; however, the end result was worth it.



I recently renovated my apartment with Beau Home and had an amazing experience with them. They are very professional, extremely polite and great at delivering the project by the deadline. It’s very common for the renovation projects that the scope of work changes during the project, and they are very good at adjusting the price and the schedule accordingly. I highly recommend them for any size renovation project as they have an amazing experienced crew.



I personally had a great experience with this company. Their prices are very compatible, staff are experienced with fantastic customer service. I am really satisfied with this company and I will continue my business with them.



Amazing company! Hyped and interesting people! I renovated my unit with them and love what they had done! on time and responsible staff. Will definitely recommend and do business with them in future!!