Condo Renovation Contractors Vancouver

If you are looking for the best condo renovation services Vancouver, look no further than Beauhome. We are skilled contractors who know how to handle the unique challenges of renovating condominiums. Just a single look at our portfolio will help you realize the huge potential of your cozy condo. See how we have transformed the dreams of residents in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland into an exciting reality.
Condo renovations in Vancouver are a big challenge. For starters, the blueprints mean that you cannot change the exterior features. There are also city permits to contend with, strata rules, and a raft of other challenges. All this can be overwhelming if you don’t have the best experts for the job. That’s where Beauhome swoops in to save the day.
We have been successfully renovating condos for Vancouver residents for many years, drastically improving their living conditions and resale value.

The Leading Condo Remodeling Contractors Vancouver

A condo is a great investment to spend your money whether you are looking to downsize or are a first-time investor. If you could buy a new home and get experts to do a condo renovation for you, you would have the best combos since bread and butter.
At Beauhome, we can help you change your dated condo into a fully transformed luxurious interior. We have the experience and expertise to handle renovations in tight condo spaces. Our technicians know how to negotiate their way around the narrow access ways with equipment as well.
The result? A fully renovated house that you will fall in love whether you just moved in or have been living there for a while. Trust the leading condo renovation contractors in Vancouver to do the perfect job for you.

Unmatched Craftsmanship, Superior Results

Do you need to enlarge your kitchen or bathroom? Maybe you need to add sparkling new cabinets or countertops? Don’t fret. Being one of the best condo remodeling companies in Vancouver, we have the project management skills and craftsmanship to produce fantastic results befitting your vibrant personality. We are fully transparent and will discuss the entire process with you. The result will match and exceed your vision and expectations.
Please contact us today and share your vision with us. A member of our team will gladly help you clarify your goal and figure out exactly what you want to do with your condo. This way, you will have a good idea of the budget requirements and plan accordingly.

Driven By Your Passion

What makes Beauhome different from other condo remodeling companies Vancouver? We share your passion for change and are determined to make it happen. We consider ourselves a part of your dreams, wishes, and hopes. Turning your vision into something tangible fills us with immense pride. It is our major motivating factor. We will do everything in our power to give you a satisfactory project that you will be proud of.

Transforming Your Sanctuary

The very idea of having a condo is to have a personal sanctuary. Why then, would your cozy little space look like every other unit on your property? What if your beloved condo’s interior was designed by a leading industry expert and the design brought to life by the best condo renovation company Vancouver? This can be a reality.
We work closely with some of the best interior designers to produce a concept that will draw envious glances from your visitors.
We also have a project management team that thrives in carefully planning and coordinating the entire renovation process. You can rest assured that everything will be silky smooth every step of the way. We are obsessed with meticulous preparation and keeping the client well-informed until it is time to hand over the keys.

Saving You All the Renovation Headaches

There are plenty of obstacles to overcome before a condo renovation process reaches the construction phase. You have to communicate with property management firms, obtain a city permit, and fulfill all strata rules.
Needless to say, all this can be an intimidating proposition for a condo owner.
The team at Beauhome will make the process easier.
We save you from stress by involving the relevant parties and authorities to ensure permits and licenses are obtained on time. With tons of experience in the industry, we know the right buttons to push to ensure the renovation project is completed successfully and efficiently. This is exactly why we are the condo renovation contractors of choice for many Vancouver residents.

Get the Best Out Of Your Condo

If you intend to venture into Vancouver homeowners’ domain, buying a condo is an excellent idea. Buying an old condo can be a great way to save money that you can then use to renovate your condo. We offer the best condo renovations in Vancouver that come with plenty of benefits that you can ill afford to miss.
For one, you increase your condo’s value without necessarily spending thousands of dollars on new appliances and expensive gadgets. The addition of a few cabinets in the right places will do the trick and modernize your living space. This can add a few thousand dollars to its value.
Does your condo kitchen look neglected and in need of an upgrade? You don’t have to worry about looking for condo remodel contractors near me. Beauhome will professionally give your cooking space the sophistication you crave at a budget-friendly price.
We take care of the cabinets, lighting, paint, and other areas that make your kitchen stand out for your friends and family. We can say with a lot of confidence that we are the best for the job.

Renovating Your Bathroom

While at it, we will modernize your condo bathroom to match the rest of your home. Many condo owners make the mistake of neglecting their bathrooms believing that because it is not immediately visible to visitors, it doesn’t require renovations.
However, your bathroom is an equally important space that deserves equal attention with the rest of your house. While it will not attract the attention of visitors like, say, your kitchen, it should still reflect your taste and style. And who is better placed to make that dream a reality than the leading condo remodeling contractors Vancouver?

Entire Condo Renovations

Is your condo a commercial or residential building? It doesn’t matter. We have the expertise and experience to bring it to a modern level. Renovating the entire condominium is our forte. We will leave every room rejuvenated which will increase its appeal to visitors and/or tenants.
Our renovation process will work on your exterior as well. We will remodel and repaint your walls to match the vibrant homes in your neighborhood. Trust us to leave your condo looking as gorgeous as when you first bought it. We work with your schedule, vision, and budget to help you achieve the excellent results you are looking for.
Whatever idea you have to rejuvenate your condo, simply contact the leading condo renovation contractors in Vancouver today.
We promise to work together to sprinkle your condo with sophistication and modernity. We are committed to delivering matchless results with our excellent condo renovation services. Our projects in Vancouver speak for themselves and we warmly welcome you to the winning team.


What Customers Say About Us

We contracted Beau Home Construction to do a complete gut and renovation of our 2000 square foot apartment on West Georgia Street. We had hired an interior designer to do plans to convert our unit from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms as well as relocate the Master Bedroom and open up the kitchen. Beau Home Construction did an exceptional job. They were honest and dedicated craftsmen who took pride in their work. Further, they focused on creative solutions when issues presented themselves. They were always ready to help with finding the best solution and prices for other items when we asked such as flooring, tiles, countertops, blinds and so on. I would not hesitate to recommend Beau Home for your renovation needs. If I were to raise any issues, they were sometimes overly optimistic with their completion timeframes; however, the end result was worth it.



I recently renovated my apartment with Beau Home and had an amazing experience with them. They are very professional, extremely polite and great at delivering the project by the deadline. It’s very common for the renovation projects that the scope of work changes during the project, and they are very good at adjusting the price and the schedule accordingly. I highly recommend them for any size renovation project as they have an amazing experienced crew.



I personally had a great experience with this company. Their prices are very compatible, staff are experienced with fantastic customer service. I am really satisfied with this company and I will continue my business with them.



Amazing company! Hyped and interesting people! I renovated my unit with them and love what they had done! on time and responsible staff. Will definitely recommend and do business with them in future!!