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Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is an important part of the home where you and your family gather, enjoy food and pass the time. So you should have a comfortable, enjoyable, modern and beautiful kitchen for your family.
Beauhome Services can renovate your kitchen and provide you with all the things you’ve always wanted. With custom cabinetry and all the materials that you like, we can renovate your kitchen. Kitchen renovation is our specialty. We promise to make your dreams come true so that you can enjoy cooking and being together in your dream kitchen.

kitchen Design

Five Questions that You Ask Yourself Before A Kitchen Renovation


How much time do we spend in the kitchen?


The kitchen is the heart of the house, where family members spend a great deal of time. With this in mind, we have to choose furniture that you and your family will feel comfortable and better in. Also, the air conditioning of the kitchen should be adequate.


How many people cook at our house?


In many homes, only one person cooks, so there is no need for the kitchen design to be specific. But in some families, there is more than one chef, so in the time of designing the oven and other things we should pay attention to our designing and build a more comfortable kitchen for all the chefs of the family.


What’s our cooking style?


The cooking style is different in every family; some families love cooking and are continually cooking different things throughout the day. Other families only have the opportunity to cook on the weekends and some families have no opportunity to cook because of the high volume of work they have. This difference in cooking styles is important in kitchen renovation; you need to know which group your family belongs in because each of these groups has different expectations of the kitchen and its equipment.


How important is it for cleanup to be easy ?


For many families, cleaning all parts of the kitchen is very important, so the equipment must be designed to be moveable so that different parts of the kitchen can be easily cleaned. At the same time, some families do not care about cleaning all the parts of the kitchen and it will be enough for them to just clean the equipment they use.


How important is having access to kitchen equipment?


In families that have a baby, when they are renovating the kitchen, they should pay attention to this and limit access of children because many of the equipment used in the kitchen are harmful to them.

Kitchen Renovation

Steps to renovating a kitchen 


In order to have a new and modern kitchen, we have to go through several steps:




Experienced professionals in our team will design the new kitchen. These people will help you achieve the design and purpose you are considering. At this stage, we will help you make the right choices for flooring, cupboards, cabinets and more. The important thing is that your kitchen renovation should be tailored to your budget and at this stage, all the actions that will be taken will be planned according to your budget.

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Beauhome uses the best materials to build and equip your kitchen with. Also, everyone in our team has great experience with the work in their field. In the build step, we try to make everything that you have been considering.




During the Set-up step in the implementation phase, our team will put all the things that were designed and built for your kitchen into their right places, and you can then see your considered kitchen complete.


Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid


Waste of space and steps


During the kitchen renovation, you should make sure that all the space is well used. No matter if your kitchen is large or small, it is important that you make a good use of all the space you have and not to lose any space.


Overloading and oversizing islands


In big kitchens, it is better to build two islands instead of one large island. This will also beautify the kitchen and give you more space. The island you want to put in the kitchen should be in harmony with the overall kitchen space and be of the right size.

kitchen design

Forgetting gathering


It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is large or small. You must consider a place for you and your friends to get together. The kitchen can be one of the best places of the house where you can gather and have fun.


Impropering lighting


The kitchen should be bright enough to cook at all times. Lighting is one of the most important elements in a kitchen, and it is best to use low-power lights with modern designs.


Forgetting about details


A lot of people are so focused on choosing countertops, flooring, and appliances that they forget about minor details. Countertops, flooring, and devices are important, but so are backsplashes, cabinet pulls, and other small details. These may seem insignificant, but they can have a significant impact on how the kitchen looks after the renovation.

Beauhome experts can help you to pass all the steps of a kitchen renovation. We will do our best to design an ideal kitchen so you will enjoy your time with your family in it.