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Full Renovation

Today, the renovation design around the world is common practice. After a while, the buildings lose their original beautiful and attractive state and become very boring. In these cases, the renovation of the building must be done professionally in order to build an ideal building according to your needs.

Renovation design steps

In order to renovate the building, it is necessary to go through various steps, which we will discuss in the following:


Consulting with experienced companies in the field of renovation design


In the first step, you should try to get comprehensive and complete information about your building and its current condition. Note that before deciding to renovate a building, you must decide with yourself, “Is it cost-effective to renovate your house or building at all?” For example, if the skeleton of a building has been in trouble for many years or the roof is worn out, renovating the house may even be life-threatening because old buildings are poorly structurally resistant to earthquakes. For advice on this, you can refer to companies active in this field. Our team also helps you with useful information.


Design and ideation


In this step, you will express all your ideas and opinions for the reconstruction of the house design. By sharing your ideas, counselors can provide better feedback to make your dreams come true.


Choose a professional team


After consulting, you should choose a professional team to renovation design your building. At Beauhome, we provide you with a team of experts who can help you turn all your dreams into reality.


Engineering demolition step by the house renovation team


Although the demolition process may seem simple, we need to know that demolition is one of the riskiest steps in renovating a building. Therefore, demolition must be done professionally and engineering, so in a very serious discussion of demolition, a professional team must be used, because the expert team is aware of the structural design of the building in general and this step. They will do it in a very principled way.


Performing the construction stage according to the needs and idea


In fact, the most important thing to consider when the building is the needs and wants of the homeowner. At this stage, all parts of the building are changed according to the tastes and wishes of the homeowners. At this stage, our team uses quality and durable raw materials to design and build what you have in mind. This is one of the most sensitive stages that need spending more time on, and it is possible for homeowners to see all the steps up close.


Installation of false ceilings


At this stage, it is considered whether, after construction, we should use false ceilings in the reconstruction of the house or not. There are many false ceilings on the market today, the choice of which depends entirely on the taste of the employer, because according to the conditions of the building, he must choose it. The use of such ceilings improves indoor air circulation.




The lighting stage is a very important stage in the renovation. Because proper and principled lighting makes the building beautiful. Today, the use of halogen lights and lighting with colored lights is very popular. Of course, don’t forget that building wiring is very important at this stage. Because if, for example, a part of the roof is destroyed due to incorrect and unprincipled wiring, finding a connection point in the wiring will be a difficult and time-consuming task that will bring nothing but additional trouble.




After completing the above steps, you need to choose a type of flooring for the building. You should note that each type of flooring has its unique use. Of course, our service and the contracting team will also help you along the way. After choosing the floor model, you can implement your floor with the help of experienced human resources in this field.


Painting walls and ceilings


When it comes to painting and painting a building, you need to be careful about which type of color is best for which part. In general, white color is used a lot in designs, but you can choose a specific color according to the type of building, the size of the building, as well as your taste. For example, you can choose gray and yellow for the living room, blue for bathroom Renovation, purple for the bedroom or any other color you like.


Interior decoration and home layout


No matter how much you spend on renovating your home, it will pay off. To do this, you need to consider a new and tasteful interior layout and decoration in the renovation of your home. Don’t forget that you have to work very hard in interior design. For this purpose, you need to see a large number of models. There are many models on the Internet, and there are many more models for interior designers. Of course, it goes without saying that we will offer you great options.

In fact, the main drawback of the models available on the Internet for home remodeling is that, unfortunately, they are not very powerful in terms of implementation and therefore, may not even be applicable or very difficult to implement. That’s why an interior designer familiar with executive issues and the home remodeling will speed things up.

Renovation projects always start with proper design and planning. Professionally planned spaces will comply with building code, and work for the way you live or work in them. 

Renovation design begins with an assessment of your needs and a discussion of ideas and possibilities. Also reviewing what you already have and would like to keep and what should be changed to completely transform your place into the home or workplace you dream. Although putting together a wish list is necessary, it should be aligned with budget and time limits as well as the design style. 

Based on our experience and industry standards, we follow a set of steps through the design work to assure that we can show you in detail and with certainty what your new spaces will look like and what your renovation will cost, as all critical decisions have been made. 

Renovation Design service includes concept development, space planning, material selection, fixture selection, specification documents, scope of work documents, interior design, millwork drawings, lighting plans, construction drawings, as well as furniture, accessory, upholstery or fabrics selections.