Kitchen Renovation Cost

Kitchen Renovation Cost And 10 Tips to Have a Budget Renovation

You want a new kitchen but the required cost is too high?  If you are looking for cheap ideas to renovate your kitchen,This is the right post for you, because in this article you will find a selection of proposals full of charm, which will transform your kitchen into a much more attractive space and without the high cost. You can easily get a new and modern look by following our recommended tips.

First, we are going to discuss the possible costs during a kitchen renovation and then you will learn about the 10 budget tips to save your costs.

What does the kitchen renovation cost?

The budget for renovating the kitchen varies according to the parts to be replaced and the materials to be used. For example, giving a new look to kitchen cabinets is very simple, just paint them and change the handles.

The cost of the kitchen to be renovated can vary according to various factors such as:

  •         Dimensions of the kitchen
  •         Quality of the chosen materials
  •         Any interventions on hydraulic and electrical systems

What are the main parts that affect the cost?

These are some items of the kitchen, which are involved in the establishment of the final cost to renovate the kitchen, depending on the size of the intervention you want to perform:

  •         Supplies (sinks, appliances, burners)
  •         Flooring
  •         Whitening and shaving
  •         Electrical system
  •         Hydraulic system

NOTE: prices may vary due to the type of work to be carried out, the quality of its execution, and the region in which you are located.

Kitchen Renovation Cost

10 budget tips for renovate your kitchen with a low cost

Today, we propose your ideas to renovate the kitchen on a low budget. So maybe you can even transform the kitchen into that emblematic place that you have dreamed of so many times.

Like always money talks…

The total amount of the kitchen reform will depend on all these factors, so you will have to pay special attention to every detail to know. The truth is that when most people look for reform, it is based more on cost than on the other parameters that can achieve a notable increase in the quality of work.

The change of furniture and the renovation of the plumbing and electricity can amount to up to two-thirds of the total budget, so resort to the best materials and a team of employees with maximum professionalism and experience in the field of construction.

Paint the furniture and the tiles

One of the ideas we propose to renovate the kitchen on a low budget is to add some paint to your furniture. It is less expensive than painting the wall or changing the counter completely, and it can also look great. So if your furniture is somewhat dated or worn, applying a coat of paint can completely transform it.

If your wall is lined with somewhat old tiles, giving them a coat of paint can be very beneficial for your kitchen. Besides, you will provide the room with a personal stamp, since you can paint them to your liking and imagination. As an idea, you can paint some tiles with another color than the one you already have. White is perfect with any shade, and the combination is very cool.

Plants stick with everything

We must make special mention of plants, as they are one of the essential allies in decoration. They are perfect in any room, so your kitchen cannot be missing either. They are accessories that, in addition to serving a decorative function, refresh and ventilate the home. For this reason, it bets on aromatic plants that are also used for cooking; or a vase in the center of the table.

Place vinyl

If painting is very expensive, using vinyl is another way to renovate the kitchen on a low budget. They are perfect on the wall, on the floor, in your washing machine, dishwasher.  Besides, they are very easy to install, and you have hundreds of designs and ideas on the market, so you will surely find a perfect one for your home. 

Small details

The best way to renovate your kitchen on a budget and a low cost is to add an accessory to the room. Because they add special, easy to install, practical, and can completely transform any room. Bet on recycled objects, with a retro or vintage style.

 By using paper instead of paint lower the cost

Perhaps the most versatile idea we have proposed to you is to replace the painting with wallpaper. Why do you wonder? Well because in addition to having thousands of designs, shapes, and textures, they are very easy to place and stick with almost any piece of furniture. So give your kitchen a more groundbreaking touch and go for patterned wallpaper that matches the furniture in basic colors. And don’t be afraid of its lack of resistance, there are hundreds of materials prepared to withstand moisture.

Cost of Kitchen Renovation

Basic colors

If you want to give your kitchen a coat of paint, betting on basic or neutral colors is another way to renew the kitchen at a low cost. White is the cheapest paint, and surely you have no problem combining it. And also, if your kitchen is small, this color can give it a more spacious feeling. If white seems boring to you, surely a beige or a pastel color also fits perfectly in your kitchen.

Light, another important factor

It may not be the cheapest idea of all that we offer, but it is the one that you are sure to save the most in the long run: replacing the bulbs with LEDs will help you save a few euros on the electricity bill, and you also contribute to sustaining the planet.

Change roof

No, we are not advising you to change houses, but we are talking about the roof in its most physical sense. It may be a surface that we do not pay enough attention to, but you should know that, with its shapes and colors, ceilings are one of the elements that most influence the spatial sensation that space transmits to us. That is why plastering it, repainting it, changing its shade, or even including some molding, will completely change the sensations you experience when preparing your coffee or tea every morning.

Change the handles of the furniture

You will be surprised at the effect you will get with this trick to renew the kitchen. Change the handles of the wardrobe doors for new ones that combine with some other accessory in the room. To change the handles, simply remove them, apply sealing putty where the holes were, sand it well, and place the new ones. That is a budget way to give a refreshing atmosphere to the kitchen.

So now you know, if you are looking to renovate your kitchen come visit us. We will help you make the best decisions for your kitchen, with a  low cost and all the documentation you need to make the best one.