kitchens remodel mistakes

Kitchen Remodeling Common Mistakes

Today, along with the help of our experts in kitchen design and decoration, we would love to tell you about kitchen remodel mistakes you could make when remodeling your kitchen, and we want to prevent you from doing so. Let’s see what mistakes are involved? Let us begin!

Typically, the kitchen is one of the most important when remodeling and is critical to maintaining a beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Design

One of the most common kitchens remodel mistakes is to skipping the kitchen design! Having a kitchen design is essential to be successful during the remodeling process. Use kitchen remodeling software to square things like cabinets, appliances, and aisle widths and elevations.

Make sure your client has approved the design and has presented a very nice representation of the finished project. Make sure you have your working triangle clearly defined: stove, sink, and refrigerator. These three areas are the most active in the kitchen and should be within reach at all times.

Create more Space

Once you think there is enough cabinet space or a pantry has been designed, think again. Your design may need more space and space to store pots, pans, and all kitchen utensils. There are many cabinet accessories, such as drawers that can be installed, and that will save space in your kitchen cabinet. Plan your storage and where you will locate those areas. For maximum efficiency, your storage area will be close to your workstations.

The adequate light location 

Do NOT skip this kitchen remodel mistake! Where should lights be located for adequate lighting in a kitchen remodel project? As a general rule, your lighting cost will be approximately 10% of your total cost, so plan adequate but functional lighting.

This is one of the main customer complaints since shadows can affect lighting on work surfaces. Having adequate lighting, but please don’t add the lights to the same circuit as the small appliance circuit, it will make your kitchen more safe and bright. Pay special attention and make sure you are using the correct amount of lumens according to the cabinet and countertop color.

Be sure to include lights under your cabinet and using pendant lights instead of recessed ones will provide brighter, more direct light.

Don’t forget the hardwood floors

Unless you want to receive complaints from your customer and calls related to the condition of the kitchen floor, avoid hardwood floors. There is no point in having a type of soil that receives a lot of spills and traffic and that will take a beating. Instead, install the ceramic tile on the floor and your project will have a good flooring solution for your kitchen. Some builders now recommend using cork flooring, but I will still try to stay away from them. Don’t forget to add heat radiant floors to avoid standing on a cold tile during the winter months. Remember that most countertop electrical outlets must be GFCI and don’t forget to add an outlet to the kitchen island.

Elegance and fantasy

There are many areas that need to be carefully planned, such as cabinet doors, countertops, tiles, appliances, sink, and the overall color of the walls. Make sure the walls are painted in a color that goes along with the kitchen cabinets, flooring, appliances, and even lighting fixtures. Finally, do not use avant-garde design in a house with an 1800 facade. It will seem uncomfortable and will change the atmosphere of your house. Even the decoration inside the house should be in accordance with your new kitchen ideas.

Avoid decoration kitchen remodel mistake

The materials you choose to remodel your kitchen should all be harmonious and consistent. Avoid exaggerating with colors or choosing materials that you like separately but together they do not go well. We recommend that before you get down working in this step, you should be clear about the style you like or the combination of styles that harmonize.

Do not make hasty or pressured decisions

One of the worst kitchen remodel mistakes is to make hasty decisions without stopping to think about what is best for your kitchen in terms of aesthetics, practicality, and functionality. For this reason, do not rush to decide something, and if you have any questions, consult an expert. 

Which of these mistakes do you consider to be the most serious?