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What is the Expensive Part of the Kitchen Remodel

To estimate the cost of the expensive part of the kitchen is a large and expensive project. According to Home Advisor, the average kitchen remodel costs $ 22,185, and a large-scale remodel with custom cabinets, granite countertops, and high-end appliances can fetch $ 30,000 or more. There are many ways to stretch your kitchen remodeling budget. With the right combination of patience and creativity, you can make a big impact on your kitchen for a few thousand dollars, or even a few hundred.

Changing the floor is the expensive part of the kitchen remodel

Generally, the first step of the remodel will be to change the floors, which is the most expensive part of the kitchen renovation. If the kitchen floor is stone or tile, the average cost of the renovation is 900 euros.

One of the most expensive materials on the market is marble, so it is recommended to place ceramics in some parts of the kitchen only. Taking into account that this should be placed in the area that get dirty while cooking. When we are in search of the economy it is important to know that it is very necessary not to invest as much money in a single material, so it is recommended to select the cheapest granite, since its costs are usually very high considering that if it is possible to get one that suits our needs. As we have already explained, what you have to take into account when remodeling a kitchen is how much you want to do, since this is what will most affect the cost.

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Painting the walls is another expensive part of the kitchen remodel

However, if we talk about making several new cabinets, this number will logically increase. On the other hand, painting kitchen cabinets is a much cheaper way to change the look of a kitchen. Painting the walls is another expensive part of the kitchen remodel to consider, as it is vital when decorating a new kitchen, it will cost an average of 600 euros.


Perhaps you are wondering how to make your kitchen cabinets look better without having to throw them away, however, the first thing you should keep in mind is that cabinets are considered as the other expensive part of the kitchen remodel. If you want to save as much as possible the best thing you can do is restore them yourself, this You can achieve with the help of some lighter or darker varnish depending on the case to paint them, this way you will not have to throw them away to buy new ones.

MDF furniture

An excellent alternative if what you want is to save some money is selecting MDF wood for the construction of the cabinets, bearing in mind that currently this type of wood is the cheapest that exists, in this way you can save a large amount of money in this part the kitchen.

All-white décor

The decoration demands the high cost and for sure is one of those expensive part of the kitchen remodel. So it is important that you select the same decoration for the entire room. If you want to give a touch of color to the walls of your kitchen without the need to spend a lot on decorative elements, an excellent alternative is to coat the walls with ceramic, even this can be figures, in this way you can enjoy a very modern kitchen.

Even though many people think that the kitchen walls and counters should be covered with marble is a mistake, it is important to remember that if the available budget is not very high, it is also valid that the counters are the only ones that are covered with ceramic, marble, granite and even wood, in the same way, it is possible to enjoy a very stylish kitchen.

Plumbing, installation appliances can be the other expensive part of the kitchen remodel

Plumbing involves dozens of variables that dramatically change the price. On average, a common plumbing renewal service is 125 euros.

The installation and control of gas pipelines and supply, as well as the mere repair and inspection of gas, were frequently requested on the platform, with a total cost of 175 euros (the inspection price is, on average, between 55 and 70 euros). The condition of the range hood is an important factor to consider. Both the replacement of an old fan and the installation of a new hood cost an average of 70 euros.

When it comes to basic appliances, even if it’s a reform, it makes sense to think more about maintaining or repairing your existing appliances than buying new ones. For 65 euros you can get a complete maintenance or repair of a refrigerator, while the same type of service for the oven costs around 35 euros. For a dishwasher, the average price is 45 euros.