Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas in 2020 You Must Know

You can renovate your kitchen completely by adopting our kitchen renovation ideas.

Kitchen renovation ideas

When designing a living space, whether it’s a new building or renovating an existing unit, kitchen design is one of the most complex parts of a residential unit. Kitchens are often used as the beating heart of the home and a hub of social interaction and family gatherings, so it’s important that this space provides the most flexibility for people. Although the function of the kitchen has remained unchanged for many years, its design has undergone many changes over time. These changes have varied from the design of closed kitchens to open kitchens and the island. Here are some important and practical tips for kitchen renovation ideas.

What other things you can do to make your kitchen look like new? Here we leave you some kitchen renovation ideas that you can apply to your walls or floors, in the kitchen.

Contrasting colors make the kitchen lively

One of the amazing kitchen renovation ideas is to exchanging the top row of furniture for open shelves and painting the walls and furniture. The grey paint, which was used to paint the kitchen facades, turned these common “grandma’s” furniture into more modern and stylish furniture

Painting the cabinets

Change your kitchen simply, without spending a lot of money by changing the color and pattern of kitchen cabinets, walls, chairs and even the floor by Beauhome kitchen renovation ideas. Paint the walls and furniture of the kitchen with glossy or semi-transparent paint; this will make them easier to clean and clean than matte paint. Before painting cabinets, first sand them, putty and primer to help preserve the color and eliminate unevenness. Cabinet painting is a bit time consuming, as you need to separate the doors, drawers, and metals and paint them completely, but the result will be a fresh, new look for the least cost.

Cover and polish cabinet doors

 Enliven your kitchen facade by replacing one or all of the doors, but don’t forget the general principles of changing the kitchen decor. If the front door of your cabinet is cracked, remove the center frame of the cabinet door and replace it with corrugated matte glass, matte or translucent patterned glass or colored glass.

If the door and frame of your cabinet are smooth and the frame is photographed, paint the doors and mesh the sides of the frames, take them out of their modern shape and give it a classic design. You can cover the doors with flat paint or patterned paper labels and change their look: see the album Designs for Kitchen Cabinets.

Give your kitchen floor a fresh look by our kitchen renovation ideas

 Laminate flooring parquet that is made of HDF and has a melamine layer on it – will be an economical option for the floor and the surface of your kitchen. After removing the items from your kitchen, you can calmly pre-cover the surface with laminate flooring. If your kitchen surface is made of wood or parquet – the natural wood of the tree – paint them with high quality and durable colors to give your kitchen a new look.

Vinyl flooring, or durable and flexible plastic, available in the form of patterned tiles, will be a simple and very inexpensive way to freshen up a kitchen floor that comes in a variety of colors. These floors can be folded and will be suitable for all kinds of designs and sets with colors.

Design and decorate

 Decorating cabinet windows can be very simple kitchen renovation ideas. Choose a washable fabric and a simple handle. The handle should be such that it keeps the fabric smooth, clean and clean after contact with heat and moisture. Curtains that are tape-shaped from the top of the groove and hang from the curtain rod or handlebar and rarely hit the surface of the window or cabinet are also a good and economical option. If your kitchen doesn’t have much privacy, a half-curtain can be a great way to add color, pattern, and freshness to your kitchen.

Arrange the cooking utensils

 Baskets, metal and plastic cans are cheap options for collecting different materials and you can put them all on one shelf. If your shelves are open, choose a type of dish to give your kitchen a tidy and harmonious look.

Choose the right lighting as kitchen renovation ideas

Since the kitchen is ultimately a type of workspace, it’s important to illuminate different areas, especially the areas where food is available and cooking. Experts and designers also recommend using low-temperature, cool bulbs because they make the color and texture of the food clearer than they really are.