Exterior Design Ideas

5 Wonderful and Simple House Exterior Design Ideas

The house exterior design is the business card of our home and for perfect harmony between interior and exterior it should not be neglected also because it can be embellished for a little. We often see neglected houses on the outside, with rough walls or anonymous walls, sterile entrances, ugly courtyards, empty patios, and uncultivated gardens.

Enhance the house exterior design

There are several operations that we can do to improve the house exterior design, more or less expensive or feasible with do it yourself, and there are different styles that we can adopt, from maintaining a strand between inside and outside to creating a visual contrast or a gradient or fusion of styles.

Those who have an area outside their home know how important it can be to personalize and make the garden a design environment. In fact, in recent years the concept of outdoor design has increasingly developed, to make the garden a stylish and elegant place, which is perceived as a continuation of one’s home. Keep reading our house exterior design ideas.

Take care about the garden of house exterior design

For a long time, the garden was never enhanced, it was considered an outdoor space capable of giving added value to the home, but there was no concept of making the garden a design space as well.

The possibilities of making this place at the forefront and at the same time highly functional are endless, whether the garden is large and whether it is small and narrow. The design related to the outdoor space is nowadays the object of study by many architects specialized in making these places often extensions of the living room and therefore the furniture is in line with that of the entire house.

Exterior Design Ideas

Paint walls or cover walls to have a wonderful house exterior design facade

Whether it is an apartment, a facade of the balcony or terrace, or the entire perimeter of a house, we can completely transform the glance of the house with wise use of colors and tints for the external walls, perhaps creating games without ever flowing into tacky things. Recall that simplicity is often synonymous with beauty.

If the budget allows, we can cover part of the external walls with bricks or stone according to the style you want to give to the house.

We can also cover the facades or portions of them in wood, perhaps with structures that create effects I see I do not see, they can characterize strongly and follow different styles based on the color applied on the wood, with a rustic and warm appearance, leaving the natural color, painted white or in strong colors for a modern look.

Beautify the house exterior design  with lighting

Above all, the exterior of the house can be enhanced by the arrangement of light points and light sources. Light always plays an important role in our home designs. Properly lighting the spaces, taking advantage of their orientation depending on their use and the hours of the day in which they will be illuminated, will make our home more pleasant.

How can we make the exterior of the house more beautiful whether it is an apartment or a detached house, villa, or terraced house? Things to do to beautify the exterior of the home by spending little or with different budgets: ideas, photos, examples, tricks, do it yourself.

Depending on the type of home, we will have the opportunity to act only on the walls or neighboring areas or also intervene on other elements that make up the exterior.

Having step-saving spotlights along the walls or in important positions such as the entrance to the home can give a new face to the home with a small expense.

Embellish the house exterior design with plants

Whether it is a balcony, an entrance to an apartment, or the patio of a villa, having plants can only renew and make the house exterior design more beautiful and with the choice of certain types of plants you can characterize the style.

For example, if we are lovers of the exotic style, we can prefer coconut, banana, cycas, and palm trees, even in their dwarf or apartment versions.

In the case of villas with gardens, having an orderly and well-kept lawn is certainly an element that improves the aesthetics of the home.

Useful to embellish the external walls, creating at the same time a green space, is the creation of a vertical garden or even a vertical garden to have biological cultures for our recipes.

Don’t forget about the decorations

Inserting decorative elements can improve the overall aesthetics of the house, but this time to you shouldn’t go overboard by inserting as many as I can and mixing different styles without a reason.